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Men-an Tol

Men-an-Tol, consist of a holed stone (with the largest hole of any British holed stone) between two upright stones, with other fallen stones nearby. The holed stone is considered to be the remains of an entrance to a chambered tomb. The whole structure having been covered with a mound of earth. As with many of these cromlechs it is difficult to image a mound covering them at any time.

The stones were used for fertility rites, they also have a tradition of healing children. Children were passed through the holed stone nine times against the sun to cure them of rickets, scrofula and other diseases common at the time.

Men-an Tol: by Tim BirchMen-an Tol: by Tim Birch

A ley line is reputed to run from the standing stones Northeast for 3 - 3/4 miles.

Directions: Not far from Morvah.

Daniel Parkinson

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