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Elva Hill

Elva Hill is known as a fairy hill and the name may be derived from an old Viking name meaning place of the elves. A stone circle on its slope suggests ancient ritual use of the area, only 15 stones of the original 30 remain. The circle is on private land belonging to Elva Farm, but there is a nearby footpath. The site is thought to date from Neolithic times.

Elva Hill: by Alison TophamElva Hill: by Alison Topham

Ian Topham

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Re: Elva Hill

This is a gorgeous stone circle. takes a while to find ,but the energies there are amazing.
Well worth a visit

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Re: Elva Hill

The site does date from neolithic times. It's also believed to be one of the trading-places for Langdale stone axes (which came from Pike o' Stickle), more than four thousand years ago.

Most of these axes have been found hundreds of miles away, so people came here from a long way, looking for something special!

No news on whether they saw any elves, though ;)

(I guess I'm bound to say that alfar is a Viking word, so that name was added an awful lot later than the establishment of the site.)



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