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Irton Cross and Church

There are two Celtic Crosses in Irton Churchyard, one is truly ancient and the other is a copy of the former incorporated into more modern grave. The ancient cross is thought to date from the early ninth century, before the Norsemen invaded the area.

The actual cross stands around ten feet in height and is carved from red sandstone. It is one of the oldest in Cumbria and is decorated with Celtic spiral patterns and key patterns found in the book of Kells and other early Celtic Christian manuscripts and carvings. The cross is said to mark an ancient crossing of four tracks, places often associated with strange folklore and enchantment.

The present church was re-built in 1856, and incorporates some beautiful stained glass windows by Edward Burne Jones, the Pre Raphaelite artist, gifted to the church in 1887-8. The earliest church on the site can be dated back to before 1096.

Irton Church, Stained glass window, Edward Burne JonesIrton Church, Stained glass window, Edward Burne Jones

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