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Birdoswald Roman Fort

This impressive site is the remains of a Roman fort on Hadrian's Wall. The area was occupied from much earlier times and recently a Neolithic burial has been found. There is also evidence of a large Dark Age Hall on the site. Traditionally the site has been identified with Camlan, the site of King Arthur's last battle.

The phallic carving pictured below, dates from the time of occupation, and may have been carved as a fertility symbol during the construction of the fort. It is carved on one of the stones of Hadrian's wall just outside the enclosed area of the fort. There are other obscure carvings on the wall, their purpose now long forgotten.

Recently there have been reports that the modern building is haunted.


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Daniel Parkinson
Daniel Parkinson

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Been a few years since I was

Been a few years since I was there, but I seem to recall the proportions of the phallus are fairly large which is unusual as smaller phalluses were the preference for the Greek and Roman periods.

I seem to recall similar phalluses can be seen at the Senhouse Roman Museum at Maryport in Cumbria and also at Chesters on the easter flank of Hadrian's Wall.

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Bird Oswald

There was a Greek/Roman God who was well blessed (for want of a better discription):Priapos Priapus(not sure of spelling here) who had isolated worship. Whether this was a site of worship is open for debate. Another theory is it could be graffiti - still seems to be the subject of underpass scrawlings today.



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