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Keswick's Moot Hall

The News & Star reported the following in an article by Ross Brewster on Thursday 8 March 2001. 'Men working on a facelift for Keswicks Moot Hall have been.. spooked by a ghost in the tower. The first sighting was reported by a labourer sweeping up in the corner of the tower. He said the atmosphere went cold and when he looked around, he saw the dark shadow of a man disappearing through the wall. Then a colleague who had volunteered to go back up into the clock tower with him felt a hand on his back as he was descending the last flight of stairs. The Moot Hall is now a toursist information centre while the upper floors can be hired by local community groups for coffee mornings, slide shows and other events. In years gone by the ground floor was a cveree market selling eggs, butter, meat and poultry while upstairs there was a court room where Lords of the Manor held Copyhold Courts and Courts Baron.'

Ross Brewster, News & Star

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