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Lowther Hall

The ruined castle and the grounds of this old estate, are said to be haunted by the spirit of Lord Lonsdale. All that remains now is an empty shell of a relatively recent castle on the site of the old hall.

It is reputed that at the funeral of James Lowther, better known as Lord Lonsdale, his spirit attacked a clergyman praying over his corpse. The attack is said to have been so violent that it knocked him from the pulpit.

Lowther Castle: by Lee WaterhouseLowther Castle: by Lee Waterhouse

By all accounts Sir James or 'Jemmy Lowther' was a cruel man who is said to have spread his reign of terror beyond the grave. At night after his death strange noises could be heard coming from the hall and the stables. His coach was seen driving wildly across the estate around the same time.

Jemmy Lowther was apparently finally laid to rest, by a catholic priest under a rock in Hawswater called Wallow Crag. On a more recent note a figure has been seen at one of the upper windows of the castle. However as mentioned earlier the castle is an empty shell with no upper floors.

Lowther Church: by Lee WaterhouseLowther Church: by Lee Waterhouse

Directions: To the North of Lowther Park, from a minor road off the A6.

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