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I would have to say Muncaster Castle IS haunted. It has been the subject of a long term scientific study headed by Dr Jason Braithwaite and, I have been closely involved with the case throughout its 20 years+ history. This probably makes it he longest running continuous scientific investigation of a haunting and it has certainly been worthwhile.

I won't go into the details of the haunting or the ongoing investigation as, it really isn't my place to do so in such a public domain but, below I have written an account of one of the experiences that have been reported at Muncaster Castle and one I was in a very good position to witness for myself.

I was part of a team on a scientific investigation in Muncaster Castle one evening in 1995. We were splitting the evening up into sessions of around 45-60 minutes followed by a coffee break before each team was rotated to cover a different area of the castle. Another team member called Melanie Warren was coming up the main staircase filling in her notes. She could see the legs of another team member ahead of her over her clipboard. She followed this person up the stairs and along the corridor towards the bedroom we were using for out breaks and session discussions. She saw the legs turn away from the coffee room and enter the Tapestry Room.

Daniel Parkinson and I had been covering the Tapestry Room and I was sat at the far end, well away from the bed. At the end of the session I had a feeling that we should both hang around. I think it was like a mild headache but I had a hunch it meant something. A black silhouette figure then walked straight through the partially open room door and walked toward me. It kept coming and my vision suddenly went a shade of blue, as if I was looking through a blue filter and I assume it walked through me whilst I was sat down.

Melanie then walked straight into the room asking who she had followed in. Dan saw nothing, but may have been facing the wrong direction.

There are a few good points about this encounter that should be noted. The apparition was seen by two independent witnesses who were separated immediately and had statements taken before they could discuss what they had experienced with each other. I think this makes the encounter quite evidential, given that it was recorded in controlled vigil conditions.

It would appear that we had traced an apparition over a considerable distance over two stories, without realising it. But did Melanie and I see the same apparition? The timing was exact it seems but at no time were both stood in the same room looking at the same figure. It was gone by the time she changed course and entered the room.

The apparition showed no sign of intelligence from what I could gather; come on, it did walk through me. Anyway, it was an interesting encounter. You may wonder how I reacted to it. I remember treating the event with a mild scientific interest, others however say my face had a look of sheer terror upon it.

I certainly would personally highly recommend a visit to Muncaster Castle, the ancestral home of the Pennington family. You can find them in our Business Directory.

For an article concerning part of the elctromagnetic study that has been conducted at the castle please visit the ASSAP website here.

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Here is a link to the piece on Muncaster that appeared on Strange But True

I was edited out before it went on television. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.



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