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The Solway Ghost Ships

The Cumberland News 18/02/2000, featured an article by Ruth Berry and Gill Hands about ghosts on the Solway.

"One ship, the Rotterdam, sank over 150 years ago with the loss of all hands and her ghostly hulk is said to be seen just before a maritime disaster is about to occur. It is said that the ghostly crew can be seen on board, and pitiful cries for help are heard.

Whitehaven HarbourWhitehaven Harbour

Curiously, whatever the weather, the ship appears to be running through a gale and appears to pitch and roll among the heavy waves, even during dead calm.

Another ship, the Betsy Jane, is said to be seen on the approach to Whitehaven Harbour around Christmas, the anniversary of her sinking in the 18th century. Apparently she was laden with gold made in the slave trade."



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