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Drum Hill, Little Eaton

There is apparently a legend (or maybe it’s camp fire ghost story) associated with Drum Hill, which is situated on the edge of Little Eaton, although it has undoubtedly been kept alive (and most probably elaborated) by the Scouts and Guides who regularly use the site as a camping ground. Basically, the tale states that many years ago there was young drummer boy (age varies between 9 and 14 years old) who had been selected to drum at an important occurrence (either military or Royal) on Drum Hill. There are two different versions of the legend from here, the first states that the drummer boy fell down the north side of the hill and broke his neck on a rock, which actually managed to sever his head. The second version states that he missed a beat on the drum and was beheaded for his mistake. Either way, the drummer boy was headless. Both versions of the legend however, have the same ending; that the headless drummer boy haunts Drum Hill, and his drum can be heard beating at night. Also, if the drummer boy catches you, he will take your head to replace his lost one, and will be able to rest in peace.

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