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The Devil's Elbow

A curved stretch of road on the B6105 between Glossop and Woodhead is known as the Devils Elbow, it has been the scene of strange events and is associated with a Devil legend. Many place names in this area may have strange origins. Names such as Shining Clough and Lantern Pike suggest places associated with mysterious light phenomena.

In legend the Devils Elbow is said to have been a meeting place for two lovers, their father was against the union and swore that he would rather the Devil take his daughter than have them meet again. On their next meeting the Devil appeared and chased the terrified couple across the moor.

As the Devil reached out to claim his prize a mighty voice cried out and the devils bent arm turned to stone. He ripped it out and threw it on the moor forming the bend in the road.

In more recent times a strange black form sliding from the moorland across the road has been witnessed in the vicinity of the Devil's Elbow.

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