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The Devil's Stone, Shebbear

The stone that lies in the village square to the East of the church is turned every year on November the 5th by local people. The stone is made from a type of quartz not found in the area, measures about six feet by four feet and weighs about a ton.

Legend suggests that the Devil lies under the stone, or that it was the original foundation stone for Henscott Church, moved by supernatural means every night across the river Torrage. Another story suggests that the Devil threw the stone at the church but missed.

The ritual may predate to pagan times when stones were often revered. Many villages had a mark stone or dobbie stone, which was venerated with libations and other offerings. Its location near the church and an ancient Oak may add weight to the idea.

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The village can be reached from a series of minor roads off the A388, the A3072 or the A386 from Great Torrington.

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