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Hambledon Hill

Originally the hill served as the site of a Middle Neolithic Causeway Camp, such as the one at Windmill Hill in Avebury. The camp was enclosed by causeway ditches to the Eastern end of the hillside, perhaps protected by wooden palisades, evidence suggests the camp was attacked by archers in an inter tribal skirmish. A long barrow nearly 230 feet long, situated on the centre of the hill reminds of its furthest antiquity, a second long barrow having been long since destroyed.

The remains of two ramparts encircling the hillside belong to the Iron Age period, when the site acted as a hillfort fortified over several phases. The site was approached from three entrances from the North, Southwest and Southeast, now seen as breaks in the enclosing earthworks. There are the remains of several hut platforms within the enclosure.

On a minor road to the West of the A350.

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