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Chingford Mount Cemetery

Dating from 1884, the 41.5 acres Chingford Mount Cemetery is reputedly haunted and was mentioned in a 2005 article by Mark Killiner on the Guardian website entitled 'Things that go bump in the night'. According to Mark, 'The Guardian has taken a number of calls recently from people claiming to have "heard" things and felt "strange" in the vicinity of Chingford Mount Cemetery.

We contacted local paranormal experts Eerie Investigations, who confirmed the burial site's spectral reputation.

Ian Pleasance, an investigator with Eerie, said: "The cemetery is known for being haunted and many people have reported sounds of footsteps walking on the grass behind them, even though there was no-one present.

"It is also rumoured that the ghost of a man dressed all in black on horseback gallops along the roads between the graves, dismounting occasionally. Some people believe he is the spirit of an old huntsman."

Note: The Kray twins are buried in Chingford Mount Cemetery

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Re: Chingford Mount Cemetery

thats very interesting Ian, my brother used to live in chingford mount and when he walked his dog he used to say he felt someone behind him, i'm not too sure of his route but it was close to the cemetary,

i didn't know the Krays were buried there, thanks for the info



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