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O’Neills (Formerly The Plough), Clapham

O’Neills is the current name for the pub at 196 Clapham High Street, but previously it has been known as both The Goose and Granite and The Plough Inn. The Plough Inn gained a reputation for being haunted during the 1970’s and as the publicity was deemed by the pubs proprietors as being detrimental to the business they removed their landlord, Mr Felwyn Williams*

The original Plough Inn was located at 156 Clapham High Street and moved to 196 Clapham High Street sometime after 1912.

An apparition was said to have been witnessed in one of the bedrooms being occupied by a barman. This White Lady which has been referred to as Sarah and one description suggests she had ‘raven hair running over her shoulders’. The barman apparently left the pub shortly after his experience.

It has been suggested that the ghost was linked to a sealed room with a bricked up window that was discovered in 1970, but this room contained nothing to support the theory.

As far as I am aware no experiences have been reported at 196 Clapham High Street since in was The Plough Inn.

*According to Guy Lyon Playfair citing Peter Underwood.

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