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The Langham Hilton, London

The Langham Hilton which opened in 1865 as Europes first grand hotel is situated on Portland Place and is supposed to be haunted by a number of ghosts. It was once owned by the BBC and many of the accounts come from journalists staying there.

There is a male apparition, said to be the ghost of a German Prince who committed suicide from the balcony of the hotel in the early part of the 20th century and an apparition of a grey haired Victorian doctor.

The Langham Hilton is the location where the broadcast with Ed Murrow (US War Correspondent), Charles De Gaulle and Prime Minister Winston Churchill took place.

Other notable guests have been Noel Coward, Gracie Fields, Charles Laughton, Mrs Wallis Simpson (during her courtship with Edward VIII) and Diana, the Princess of Wales.

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Re: The Langham Hilton, London

According to Andrew Green: ‘Up to the early 1950's the figure of a man, who appears as a butler carrying a tray, was seen gliding along the corridor and on turning towards the former bedroom, suddenly vanishes. This apparition has not been witnessed, or at least reported since 1974 but the figure of a young woman has quite recently been observed in the same room by a number of people. The girl in question, dressed in a 'bluish gown, probably a night dress'is thought to be the girl friend of the butler, but why she has now replaced the ghost of the man is a bit of a mystery, though Ray Moore saw the phantom butler in 1973 and described him as 'A big man with his hands behind his back'. James Alexandra Gordon, one of the news readers, threw his left boot at it when the phantom appeared at his bedside.’



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