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Greenacres Lodge

This building owned by the local authority is reputedly haunted by a white lady. A few former employees have mentioned to me experiences they have had in Greenacres Lodge. Whilst the building was being used as a Residential Care Home in the 1980s, one witness who was on night shift looked up and saw the white lady lean over the upper story banister at the main staircase and gaze down at her before gliding away.

Ian Topham

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Re: Greenacres Lodge

i herd her scream : // i wasnt ment to be there but i herd her scream in the basement

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Ian Topham
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Re: Greenacres Lodge

When was this Lucii?

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Re: Greenacres Lodge

i have been in there alot it was about a year and a half ago now and i heard alot of screems in there in the basement and so did my cousin tom it also felt like somebody was brushing past us and we used to get a really un-easy feeling alot of the time while we were in there and we used to here aloud of loud bangs in there i used to also go in there with lucii and we used to all eaxsperience the same un-comfortable feeling it was verry strange as if there was another presence there with us verry strange :/



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