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A338 UFO (1967)

On 6th November 1967, Carl Farlow was driving along the A338 at around 1.00am in the morning. He was coming up to a bridge over the river Avon, when the electric's in his car cut out. He pulled up to the roadside to check out what the problem was, and spotted an egg shaped object hovering above the road. He noticed a strange smell like burning wood, and heard a humming sound like that of a refrigerator that seemed to originate from the machine. The object then disappeared, there were another two witnesses to the event, a vet and his female passenger.

The police were called and the road seemed to have melted under the object. Later it seemed as though the incident was covered up by officialdom.

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carl farlows ufo sighting

I am Carl Farlow and over the years i have read so many reports on my U.F.O sighting in 1967,all of them are incorrect in some way or another,and up to now i have not botherd to set matters straight!! Iwas not in a car ,but 32 ton lorry,with a deisal engin,the engin did NOT stop,however the truck lost all electrical power,the trucks 2 bateries were flatend and never held charge after,they were taken off the truck  by 3 army personel and replaced.In the air was a very strong smell of ozone,this smell was around for over 3 hours while we were questiond at the scene,then taken to bournmouth police station and quized again by 2 men from the ministry of deffence for a further 5 hours.when we were released i was taken to LARKHILL BARRACKS to colect my truck.  when i got back to my depot our mechanics chequed the truck out and found the starter,dynamo,regulator and batteries had all been replaced!! in all their were several witnesses to this event,indeed the other car involved had exstensive electrical damage!!  so dear reader i hope this helps to set the record straight, there are many other miss quotes,but the ones aboveare the more relevant.        many thanks  carl.

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Thanks Carl

Thank you Carl, I've been a victim of seeing one of my experiences incorrectly quoted in print and been ignored when trying to give a correct account.

Your input is really appreciated Carl, we'd rather have accurate information and thank you again for putting the record straight here. 

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Thanks Carl

Hi Carl

Thanks for your post, this is one of the reasons we added the comments fields to articles - secondary and tertiary sources are often quoted  and repeated as gospel in books and in other accounts. It's great to hear an actual witness account and I hope we can put the record straight. It is one of the problems we are aware of as many accounts in books and on the internet are repeated mistakes that become modern folklore. But in this case we can't get better than the person who was actually there. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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Hello Carl. I find your post

Hello Carl.
I find your post extremely interesting so I hope you won't mind if I post here a couple of questions for my own curiosity.
1)Do you remember anything about lorry you were driving that night (manufacturer, type, age etc)?
2)Do you remember which unit your interrogators belonged to (Military Police etc)?
3)Did you have other piece of electrical equipment with you (flashlight etc) which malfunctioned following the experience?

Thanks a lot for your time and patience.



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