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Aldershot, Basingstoke Canal UFO Abduction (1983)

Albert Burtoo stands as the oldest UFO abductee, if his story is to be taken at face value. He was aged 77 at the time of the incident, and had just settled for a nights fishing session on the side of Basingstoke Canal on 12th August 1983. At about 1.00pm he noticed a bright light, which he took to be an army Helicopter from the nearby Para base. The object landed on the towpath of the canal some distance from him, and minutes later he noticed two beings about 4.5 feet tall wearing overalls with visors covering their faces. They motioned to him as though he was to follow them, which he did. They led him to a rounded object that jutted out over the canal from the towpath, and they all climbed inside.

They asked Albert his age and asked him to stand under an amber light, after a short time he was told that he could leave the object being too old and infirm for their purposes. He returned to his place by the canal and watched as a light rose in the sky and flew away. Albert died in 1985 but never changed the story of his abduction. There were no independent witnesses to the event, and there could be various explanations.

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