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Winchester UFO (1976)

On 14th November 1976 about 9.00pm near Winchester, Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt were driving down the A272 when the car started to jolt and shake, and then veered off the road into a grass verge by the roadside. The car was subject to electrical interference as the engine roared, and the lights seemed to be shine brighter than normal. They spotted what appeared to be a cigar shaped craft with three entities behind a window in the object. As they watched a bearded humanoid wearing a silver suit came out of the object, walked to the car and looked in on the occupants. He then disappeared and the couple were able to drive off.

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Re: Winchester UFO (1976)

my theory on alliens and ufos are i think they came here a long time ago and without religious stuff i sometimes believe that we are the alliens we cant be alone on this universe for this long how cum we are the only ones around maybe we got here a long time ago i think dejavus are something to do with this aswell like for a second ur mind gets messed with a second is a lot of time dejavus need to be studied more if u think about it they cant be that clever cuz they wud be here by now and we are here already in this amazing massive universe people take the piss on this kind of stuff but wot wud they do if we were actually attacked by ufos i guess the secrets on there ufo cases wud be revealed if they have anything there working on anyway count every day a blessing cuz i do u never no wots gonna happen in the next second of ur life



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