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Queensway, Accrington

According to John Fahey in his article entitled 'Spooky tales of a haunted Hyndburn' (Accrington Observer, 30 October 2003) 'A house in Queensway, Church, has terrified residents for years. Just 10 years ago a terrified mother of four abandoned the semi-detached home, begging the council to be re-housed. An exorcist was called after a guitar played itself, family members were grabbed by invisible cold hands and the bath filled itself rapidly. But the council refused to release the family from their horror. At the time, a former resident of the house told the Observer: "As I was about to leave for the last time I couldn't budge the front door. It wouldn't open so I had to go out through the back." Neighbours refused to speak about the house, which a series of families had fled.'

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