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Castle Rising

The now ruined but still imposing Castle Rising with its extensive earthworks was built around 1140AD and is one of the most famous castles of its kind in the country. Back when it was built this area was a busy sea port, though it is now probably four miles from the waters of the North Sea.

The castles ghost is related to its most famous occupant, Isabella (the She Wolf) of France. She conspired with her lover Roger Mortimer in overthrowing and murdering her husband Edward II in 1327, thus allowing her son to take the throne, Edward III. Concerned about the power Mortimer had, Edward III arrested him at Nottingham in 1330 and even though Isabella pleaded for his life, he was found guilty of the murder of the former king and executed.

Isabella was allowed to live, but for her part in the conspiracy she was imprisoned at Castle Rising for her remaining twenty years, with just a few knights and ladies in waiting as company. It is said she went slowly insane, ranting and raving like a wild animal, though this may not be accurate. It was said that for many years her ghostly guttural cries were heard echoing through the castle.

There are other haunted locations with connections to Edward II and his murder by Roger and Isabella. Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem in Nottingham is close to where Roger was captured and Berkeley Castle is haunted by the screams of the actual murder itself.

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