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Brimham Rocks

The rocks are associated with a wealth of folklore, and were perhaps a place of ancient worship. They were once thought to have been carved by the druids, although their strange weathering is entirely natural. One stone is called the wishing stone, it has a hole into which you would place the fingers of your right hand and then make a wish. In other stories the hole is part of a Druids oracle.

There was also once a rocking stone here that could only be moved by the hand of an honest man. The group also includes a set of rocks called the lover's rocks. These were traditionally named after two lovers who fled the wrath of the girl's father. He pursued the couple to the rock, where they chose to jump rather than face a life without each other. Miraculously they were lifted through the air and came to a safe landing. The girl's father, who had witnessed the event, realised that their love was preordained and agreed to their partnership. The place of their leap has been known as Lover's Rock ever since.

Directions: Reached via a minor road off the B6265.

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