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Hob Hole, Runswick Bay

The haunt of a goblin, Hob, which is a generic term for a brownie of boggle in Yorkshire. This hob was unusual in that the was thought to be able to cure whooping cough, and parents would bring their afflicted child to the cave and recite a rhyme in the hope of a cure.

Directions: Runswick Bay reached via a minor road off the A174 to the Northwest of Whitby.

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Re: Hob Hole, Runswick Bay

The Hob hole is one of several caves in the sea cliffs between Kettleness and Runswick. The beneficial goblin was supposed to be able to cure Whooping Cough (pertussis), known locally as "Kink-cough". A mother would take the young sufferer to the cave and recite the following:
"Hob, hob. my bairn's gettin' kink-cough; tak it off, tak it off!"



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