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Auld 'Opper Of Raydale House

Raydale House is a 17th century building that has been largely rebuilt during the 19th century and, it was during the 19th century that it acquired a reputation of being haunted.

According to the folklorist Edmund Bogg writing in the late 1800s, Raydale House is “noted for its ghost, locally known by the name of Auld 'Opper. One elderly woman told us, with all seriousness, that in her young days she dwelt there, and the ghost from its unearthly knocking on the various articles of furniture was a source of continual terror. This woman had not only heard Auld 'Opper knock, but actually had seen him, she said, "mony a time." Unfortunately we did not think to enquire in what form the ghost appeared.” I have no further information concerning the ghost which leads me to believe that it has probably ceased its haunting during the past 100 years since the account was taken down.

An interesting note in the history of Rydale House is when it became besieged in 1617 by Sir Thomas Metcalfe (or Metcalf) due to a feud, possibly over a dispute concerning the ownership of the property. Metcalfe from Thwaite End attacked the Robinson family of Rydale House and during the siege two people lost their lives and many were wounded. The siege was broke when help arrived for the Robinsons and Metcalfe was forced to retreat.

I believe the map location below may not be very accurate. Please note Ryedale House is private property.

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