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Curry Mallet

The Manor House (Mallet Court) was in the hands of the Mallet family for over 900 years until it was sold in the 1980's. Amongst its many visitors, the manor house can boast William the Conqueror, King John and Henry the II. The site was originally the site of a Saxon stronghold, and before that there may have been a Roman settlement there. Gilbert Mallet, a Norman knight who fought at the battle of Hastings, built the first castle on the site in 1068. The castle was demolished at some point in the Middle Ages, and then a manor house built on the site, which was damaged during the Civil War. Part of the manor (the Keep) dates back to the original castle and was incorporated into the house when it was rebuilt.

Ghosts and Traditions
In legend three streams are said to run under the manor leading directly to the holy well at the foot of Glastonbury Tor. The courtyard is said to echo to the sound of clashing steel as though men are fighting a duel.

The most frequently reported ghost is that of a phantom lady in Elizabethan costume, she has been seen and heard on several occasions the sound of her silk clothing making a distinct sound. The Great Hall is also said to be haunted by an Elizabethan man pacing up and down. There is also a story about a cruel former owner of the house who imprisoned his wife in one of the bedrooms.

The famous Ghost Club held a vigil - led by Peter Underwood - at the hall in the 1980s.

On a minor road to the South of the A378.

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