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Higher Farm, Chilton Cantelo

The farm is associated with a 'screaming skull' that is supposed to create havoc whenever there is an attempt to bury it. The tale was committed to paper in 1791 by John Collinson in his History and Antiquities of Somerset. The haunting is well documented; a manuscript at the farm has written account from a number of people who attested to the phenomena resulting in the attempted interment of the grisly item.


The skull is said to be that of Theophilus Broome, who died in 1670. Before he passed away he left instructions for his skull to be kept at the farmhouse. Attempts to remove it are said to have ended in poltergeist activity. His tomb can be found within St James's Church, but the skull can only be seen by written appointment.

Screaming skulls seem to be a peculiar legend associated with the British Isles, as I have not found any reference to them elsewhere although there is a common belief that the skull is the seat of the soul in many primitive tribes.

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