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The Chalice Well, Glastonbury

The Chalice Well has been associated with healing and with the Holy Grail for many years. According to legend Joseph of Arimethea placed the cup that held the blood of Christ into the well. The waters run red with Iron Oxide another association with blood.

The well has probably been venerated for many thousands of years as has the whole area, it serves as a meeting place for Pagan and Christian philosophy.

A well-publicised cure occurred in 1750, when a local man named Mathew Chancellor dreamt that if he drank the waters of the well every successive Sunday, he would be cured of Asthma. He carried out the actions of his dream and his asthma cleared up.

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Re: The Chalice Well, Glastonbury

 We have been to Glastonbury town a few times and went to the Chalice well last year, it indeed a most peaceful place, the wife and I have both lost close family recent and enjoyed the serenity of the chalice well gardens



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