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Baynards Park

The ghost of Sir Thomas More (born 7th February 1478) is said to have haunted this Tudor mansion. He was decapitated on the order of Henry VIII in 1535 after he opposed the breakaway from Rome, refused to attend the coronation of Anne Boleyn and refused to swear to the Act of Succession (vesting the succession of English crown to the children of Henry and Anne Boleyn, leaving his daughter Mary illegitimate) and the Oath of Supremacy (which recognized Henry VII as the head of the Church of England). Hence he was found guilty of treason.

After his head had been on public display, spiked on Tower Bridge in London, his daughter, Margaret Roper (1505-1544)saved it from being thrown into the River Thames by bribing a guard. The head was brought back to Baynards Park for safe keeping.

The original mansion was destroyed by fire in 1979 with only its tower and gatehouse remaining.

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