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The Black Bull, East Boldon

The following reference to the a haunting at The Black Bull, 98 Front Street, East Boldon was made in an article promoting ‘Ghost Taverns of the North East’ by Mike Hallowell and Darren Ritson, that appeared in the Shields Gazette on 22 April 2012.

Several other pubs around the Boldons are also said to be haunted, including the Black Bull, at East Boldon, where numerous peculiar incidents have been reported.

Gaming machine alarms have gone off late at night, gas taps attached to beer pumps turn themselves on and off and bottles behind the bar “rattle violently” on occasion.

The ghostly figure of a toddler has also been seen sitting at the bottom of the cellar steps, while several landlords have reported sightings of “fleeting whisps” floating around them.

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