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The Black Horse, West Boldon

In an article promoting the excellent ‘Ghost Taverns of the North East’ by Mike Hallowell and Darren Ritson, that appeared in the Shields Gazette on 22 April 2012, Sarah Stoner described the haunt like experiences reported at The Black Horse.

‘The Black Horse at West Boldon, has a “Sad Cavalier” which has been spotted by staff at the former coaching inn.

Described as wearing the tall boots, leggings and wide-brimmed hat typical of the 17th century, the “swarthy” man simply vanishes into thin air when asked if he needs any help.

“The landlord admitted the hairs on the back of his neck stood up when he saw him,” according to Ghostly Taverns authors Darren Ritson and Michael Hallowell.

“Not wanting to alarm his staff, he kept his strange experience to himself. It is at this point the story begins to take on a distinctly credible air.”

Within weeks of the first sighting, two other staff members also reported spotting the Cavalier sitting on a stool at the bar. Again, he disappeared in a matter of seconds.

“As you can imagine, the two women in question were somewhat relieved to find out they were not the only ones to have clapped eyes upon this spectral visitor,” record the authors.

The sound of a ghostly child has also been heard in a bedroom above the pub, while the spirit of a Victorian girl aged about nine has been seen in the gent’s toilet.

“Unlike some spectres, her identity may not be so difficult to establish,” said Darren and Michael, who are paranormal investigators.

“In the 19th century, a school stood adjacent to The Black Horse.

“The young girl in question allegedly toppled over the playground wall in a freak accident and died instantly.”

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