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Alton Barnes White Horse

The Alton Barnes white horse dates from 1812 and can be found on a slope facing southeast between Milk Hill (one of the highest points in Wiltshire) and Walkers Hill, nearly a mile north of Alton Barnes. Measuring 160 feet by 166 feet, the horse was commissioned by Robert Pile from Manor Farm in Alton Barnes and designed by John Thorne (Jack the Painter). Thorne was paid £20 for the design and creation of the horse, but he in turn contracted John Harvey from Stanton St Bernard to do the actual cutting. Before the work was completed, John Thorne absconded with the money leaving Robert Pile having to pay for the work twice. (Thorne is thought to have apparently been hanged for another crime at a later date).

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Re: Alton Barnes White Horse

More of a question than a comment actually. Is the Alton Barnes White Horse the one used in the Russel Crowe movie, Robin Hood? Or, was that one simply a fabrication for the movie?  Been curious about that for several years now. 



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