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Hi Everyone
    seems the norm to put my first post here and say HI!
My Name is Phil and my interest in the paranormal goes back years i grew up in a haunted house in a small village in buckinghamshire.
The things that happen there still to this day amaze me and i will be happy to share some of these stories with you in later posts.
My love grew so much that i had to find away on trying to understand the paranormal and i wanted to learn as much as i could and so strated to join wedsites until i found the one that im now very much part on.
I have been able to get a bigger and better understanding since i join the forum, of the socitiy im part on now.
Now im a Paranormal Investigator Meida/ & Events manager for the biggest Paranormal Team in the uk and the world at the moment.
We have worked with Most Haunted ,Yvette Feilding & Felix Prodctions, Richard Felix Once from Most Haunted he since as left The Most Haunted team to start his one company, and have made TV programs for the unexplained channle, RTS, and the history Channle USA.
Ive been on mean Investigation in and around the uk and can honestly say i love doing what i do a few weeks ago i did an investgation at a 3 home in oxfrodshire it was one of the best investgation ive ever done since joining this socitiy.
What i also like is that we do all this as a none profit our team give up our free time to do this we do not charge a single penny to do our investgation.
Meny of our investgators are non believers i for one am but i always go to any location with a open mind debunking is a big part of any investgation and you need to look at every thing with open eyes.
 Please feel free to check out the wedsite at www.ghostfinder.co.uk and see for yourselfs.
 Im hoping the the members on this forum can help me find so new locations??
Im not looking for the done to death locations eg Scooner Inn, Jamaica Inn,FulStaff,HellFire caves,Woodchester Manor, ECT......what im looking for is some little none locations.
I have spent to time looking at the haunted froum and the other things on this site and have fond some very intrseting topics and have really enjoed reading them.
well done good wedsite lie it!...anyways..enough of me going on!


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Re: Hello

Hi Phil, welcome to Mysterious Britain and thanks for introducing yourself.    I am glad you like the site and I look forward to seeing your opinions in the forum.

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Re: Hello

hi everyone my name is jordan brandon i am very interested in the paranormal and know alot about witches and everything i can answer any question that i am asked about the history of the super-natural i love history.  i am only 11 but i know a lot for my age i hope we can all be friends i am happy and bubbly and never say no to any question i always help the best i can and i always do my research hi


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