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Hi everyone

My name is Dave and i was drawn to the site when i found the forums by accident in a google search.

I'm a pretty skeptical guy, i like the idea of ghosts and such but i feel that most things have a pretty mundane explanation. i'm really interested in the stroys around cold christmas in hertfordshire as i used to live about 30mins drive from there.

In my spare time i like to take photographs and have a collection of cameras, most of my stuff is scenic and arty things but if anyone is planning a trip to a site of supernatural interest in the east anglia area (or a really special one somewhere else) let me know and if i can i'll bring a variety of cameras. i like to capure the same shot on digital, high end camera, buget camera and really old cameras, i have a box brownie camera but i can rarely find film for it as its getting on a bit now it used to belong to my great grandfather and is getting on for 100 years old now, my grandfather said it saw the trenches in ww1 but i don't know if this was a story he told me when i was young to keep me from breaking it or if it was in fact the truth


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Hi Dave

Welcome to the forum - hope you enjoy the new site

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Welcome to the site and

Welcome to the site and welcome to the forum! :D


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Cheers Guys

Cheers Guys

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