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Cold Christmas

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Re: Cold Christmas

8/11/2011 had been told by a couple of friends about Cold Christmas ,believing that I was quite sensitive they wanted me to visit the place and after dinner that evening myself and my daughter along with three others visited the area. I had never been to the area before ,nor knew nothing of its history.

Indeed on the march to the church yard I was expected to feel warmer as the walk went on (all wrapped up very well) however it got colder as we got nearer and I was able to locate the church yard moments prior to arriving due to an overwelming sense of sadness and cold . Without wanting to turn the evening into high jinx I didnt want to scare anyone but we had  been escorted down the path by a  very concerned sprit ,worried about our intentions as it made me aware that "the resting place for our  innocent had been subjected to many bad things", there was a sense of outrage and anger that the resting place had been neglected and misused as "this was not part of the promise /agreement " ( I dont know what was meant by that)  ,it was to be a "quiet and beautiful place to rest the children" and was now  being visited by people who did nothing but "disturb and frighten". I was also shown an ajoining field and told that there were many more resting there but it no longer appears as part of the graveyard and a sense of being  seriously pissed over this and  the "un Godly things" that have happened  and the reck and ruin of the area ! Two of the people with us had very heavy legs finding it difficult to walk needing a sit down, but both reported they didnt feel fear or under threat .
Perhaps other vistors to the area that have experienced stones being thrown at them need to take that as a warning , they appear to know what your intentions are and do not wish to be disturbed in that manner as it brings anxiety and distress to them calling up other things they didnt ever want there.
After putting a broken tombstone back to its rightful place suddendly felt an surge of outrage again and was being told to either put it all right or just go. The sadness was picked up by all of us and there was  a lot of chatter about how disgusting it was that a resting place could be left like this ....thoughts of others not influenced by me (age gaps and all very different people and Im sure at least one wanting to get a scare). Two went into the tower ,I didnt bother as I felt by this time that what ever was escorting us was almost expecting us to exploit the place again. But without going inside and prior to getting there I shared that the half the place was missing. Once there, All I can discribed is there existed  a terrible sadness and dissapointment that "Our Familes resting place is so disrespected ""Either put it right or just go away".
Im guessing that we dont take into consideration that this place held a lot of significance for many people .
Cold Christmas needs to be restored and spritally cleansed .
I also got that there was some sort of agreement , many being rested out of the parish into a private churchground , money passing hands , fear that whatever these kids died of was infectious needing to be rested out of harms way and the significant amount of Yew tress are a very good indicator that there are many other graves that should have been always been included in the grounds but there is nothing !
I might be picking up on a load of old BS Im not a medium nor do I claim to be special in any way , just that if you listen hard enough you get a chatter going. 
I slept very late , very troubled by what I had picked up , dreamt of the church yard being once beautiful and had a silly thought that a small playground should be errected in or near the site!  

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Re: Cold Christmas

I visited thundridge old church oct 2011.I took a ghost box and a digital recorder for those who dont know what a ghost box is it was invented in US a few years ago you can look it up on youtube or the search engin that you use. it is a transister radio the only diffrence is it has been hacked to sweep the channals at a fast pace, in between the blips you can pick up spirit voices, this does work. anyway I switched the ghost box on and asked if anyone was there, I then asked for there names I got a Bruce,peter and then an evil voice said his name was Simnar not quite sure if I have spelt it right, also an old woman says Yes Mother, I have no clue what this was suppose to mean,straight after the voice repeated Yes Mother, this was very unsettling as it was in my voice,it was terrifying to hear that, I have kept the recording it has other stuff on there as well. anyway a few weeks later I did the ghost box again in my home and in the recording the same name simnar was heard, I think that the spirit came back with me. you can believe this or not. be very carefull at the old church there is a couple of evil spirits there, I wont go back there, thats for sure

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Re: Cold Christmas

The following comment was e-mailed into the site

For goodness sake get all your facts right about Thundridge Old Church.Itwas a private church but eventually the family who owned it built a new church in Thundridge village & the old church became redundant.No one hung themselves there,& most of the activity that goes on there so called 'hauntings' are done by locals to poor saps who beleive it's haunted. Of course it's cold there it's in a valley & the strange noises are the windblowing through the holes in the tower made by vandals who have no respectfor the church. When we first moved to the village the old church had a lovely stone wall & wrought iron gate that was in 1976. These were removedby thieving money grabbing vandals.The headstones were in place but overthe last thirty years these also have been removed by people who have norespect. Why don't people 'get a life' & don't look for something that isn't there,we all have imaginations & can see,hear,what we wish to see &hear! The girls who died didn't die suspiciously,they died of scarlet fever,how strange is that? If you go there a night ,yes it is eerie,withthe wind blowing, rooks crowing,foxes crying & owls hooting! This is the stuff of nightmares? Theres no Freddy Kruger or Texas chainsaw massacre going on! People do light fires there so you will smell burning sometimes,&beware if you do go inside the tower there are a lot of loose stones that tend to fall from a great height! Too many vandals go to the old church but beware of locals & the the police. Oh by the way the 4x4 belongs to the local farmer who actually attacked some people & rammed their car, so bewarned. Also Cold Christmas is a hamlet not a town or village. A lot of money has been spent by English Heritage on renovating the church tower,again idiots have now ruined the work that was carried out,what a waste of time & money! So all you Satanist,Occult worshippers, Devil worshippers,Hells Angels,& any other pratts beware SOMEONE IS WATCHING YOU, but better still, STAY AWAY & PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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Re: Cold Christmas

Sounds very welcoming doesn't it. I'm not sure I'd call Hell's Angels prats (or any of the afore mentioned Satanists etc etc). Anyway I hope that 4x4 bloke got arrested for attacking people with his car.

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Re: Cold Christmas
Ian Topham wrote:

So all you Satanist,Occult worshippers, Devil worshippers,Hells Angels,& any other pratts beware SOMEONE IS WATCHING YOU, but better still, STAY AWAY & PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

I always love being lumped in with these guys. 

My typical response:

Dear Sir or Madam;

Some of us like to get to the bottom of things.  We have heard these reports, and are interested in the facts of the matter.  You have offered interesting information about the site and it's history, which we will be happy to examine the record and verify. 

That said, please do not confuse recording folklore or legitimate attempts at studying reports of paranormal activity with Devil Worship, Occultism, or other such tomfoolery.  I, myself, own a church I am in the process of restoring, and can understand frustraition with vandals.  I can still recall the police officer explaining to me that bear traps were not the answer.

Any attempt at real science generally precludes the destruction of evidence, so I seriously doubt you will find most of the posters on this site stealing headstones or committing vandalism.

Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima

Wesley Cheek (not verified)
Re: Cold Christmas

Besides its relevance to a legal system, more generally forensics encompasses the accepted scholarly or scientific methodology and norms under which the facts regarding an event, or an artifact, or some other physical item (such as a corpse) are ascertained as being the case. In that regard the concept is related to the notion of authentication, where by an interest outside of a legal form exists in determining whether an object is what it purports to be, or is alleged as being



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