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Othman will not become a space extraterrestrial ambassador for the United Nations

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News of an alien ambassador from the United Nations spread Sunday on the internet. The Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman was expected to take the job as the head of the U.N. Office for Outer Space Affairs. Othman said there is only one way this would ever happen. There would need to be extraterrestrial visitors first. The idea of alien contact is not that absurd considering all of the planets outside of the solar system being found more most recently. You will find lots of individuals worried about alien life including Stephen Hawking who has given a warning to Earth. There isn't going to be an alien ambassador, states the British newspaper after it received an e-mail from Othman.

Why would the U.N. be in charge of answering aliens anyway?

The United Nations extraterrestrial ambassador rumor "broke" within the Sunday Times. It immediately begun flying all around the world. The Sunday Times quoted Othman from a speech at a recent seminar in which she talked about the search for alien transmissions from space. Othman said Earth should have a coordinated reaction and the U.N. would be the best organization for the job. The Australian was just one of the newspapers that said Othman would be in Britain in the near future for the Royal Society sponsored conference talking more about extraterrestrial contact.

Searching for aliens

An extra-solar planet is also called an exoplanet. In 1992, this was first discovered to actually exist. At least a hundred more exoplanets were found on the Kepler Mission. This was a National Aeronautics and Space Administration outer space observatory that had been launched in 2009. As the odds seem more likely that intelligent alien life may exist, British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking sounded a warning last spring. Hawking doesn't think that humanity should be working so hard to find extraterrestrial life, according to the Sunday Times. He thinks we need to be getting our own messages out and get Earth noticed. Aliens would probably be looking for somewhere they can get more resources from. He also said we need only to look within the mirror to imagine the consequences. "We only have to take a look at ourselves to view how intelligent existence might develop into something we would not want to meet."

Do you have aliens on the planet?

The U.N. alien ambassador story was brought down to Earth by Othman herself. The Guardian looked for real facts instead of just going with everybody else. Othman's speech on alien contact was questioned by the British newspaper. It even called the Royal Society to ask about it. It was news to them. Nobody knew about it. A switchboard in Vienna is where the U.N. referred inquiries about the Office for Outer Space Affairs. Othman told the Guardian the truth after an e-mail sent to her. She said the U.N. alien ambassador story was just a hoax. She wrote "It sounds really cool, however I have to deny it." There is a real problem that needs to be solved in her speech at the Royal Society. Earth may be colliding with some objects in its rotation soon which could be discussed.

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