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Strange Acoustics

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Strange Acoustics

I remember a similar episode.
My father bought a cheapish LP turntable: when you left it running while changing sides or record it picked up some absolutely wierd trasmissions. I remember a very strange trasmission which, according to a family friend, was a Yugoslavian State radio (it was surely a Slavonic language) or a very feeble French voice which seemed to originate from Quebec.
When he later changed the turntable for a quite expensive Pioneer one the weird voices ceased.
I read Neil's post and checked out the link and I do remember my father (who's a retired pilot) talking about these weird radio stations disturbing their communication channels. Normally all attempts by the communication authorities to track down and punish the culprits ended in absolutely nothing.


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Strange Acoustics

Reading up on UFO's as I do - another addition to this thread was a ufo researcher who believed that he was picking up signals from aliens contacting a local airbase - he'd built a device to monitor the alien signal, but was actually picking up encrypted signals from the airbase.

On a different tack, I used to jump a bit whenever my PC speakers picked up the signal from the local taxis/police as they drove past.
Sat alone in the dark with a voice suddenly shouting from the speakers "I'll be here shortly - pick up in 5 minutes" - I wonder what the contactees would have done!

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How long ago was this Ian,

How long ago was this Ian, as Radio Scotland hand over to Radio Five Live when they finish broadcasting. Am assuming this experience took place many years ago as I suspect they haven't played the national anthem since the pre radio five days.

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Strange Acoustcs

It was very early 1990's. If you say it changed in the 1970's we might have a problem lol.



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