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never told the wife......

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i woke one morning with the memory of getting out of bed in the night, and looking out of a window (except there was no window where i looked out, it was an internal wall) and seeing a 747 "jumbo" jet crashing, except there were no side windows in the fusealge

2 days later i heard on the radio of a plane crashing in Russia, the words of the newsreader stunned me "the plane was a russian copy of a 747 jumbo jet, in this case the cargo version"

id prefer some winning lottery numbers to be honest

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Re: never told the wife......

I dreamed my mum phoned me to tell me my Grandad had died. He had recently been moved to a care home after 9 months in hospital following his 3rd stroke. He was on my mind all the next morning, and I was thinking how I should go see him and maybe take something to read to him when my sister phoned to tell me he had died. I know that because he'd been ill for so long that it was probably there in my subconscious anyhow but all the same, I was still pretty shocked that he died the morning after I dreamed it. Apart from the 'think of a person seconds before they phone you up' type thing, nothing like that had ever happened to me before. Yours is far stranger though as there is no personal connection. Had you a similar experience before or since?



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