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Folklore based around the Autumn Equinox

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I'm trying to trace any English Folklore that was based around the Autumn Equinox, other than a simple Harvest Festival.  Can anyone help? or maybe point me in the direction of likely sources?

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Re: Folklore based around the Autumn Equinox

I dares say much of the floklore and folk traditions around that time period would be harvest based, given that these things tend to be more deeply engrained within rural communities. I found a few mentions in Frasers Golden Bough with some Devonshire and Shropshire customs you may find interesting.

Later he goes on about corn spirits and how they are represented as animals in other countries, such as wolves and cocks.

By the way, welcome to the Mysterious Britain website, I hope you find it interesting. I'll keeping looking for more solid Equinox Folklore.



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