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The Charles Walton Mystery, Warwickshire

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Re: The Charles Walton Mystery, Warwickshire
Ian Topham wrote:

Back in the 1940's I suppose paganism, witchcraft and the occult was looked upon very differently than it is today.

Well, yes perhaps in the sense that small and isolated communites would be more susceptible to superstitious (or wise) beliefs/folk memories. What I am saying is that in spite of the 2WW, I doubt that the Twentieth century had made much impact on these rural areas and they were probably living a similar life to their, say, Nineteenth century farming ancestors and knew much about local folklore/history than we do. Even though it happened only 60 odd years ago, we have largely lost that world and the knowledge that went with it.


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Re: The Charles Walton Mystery, Warwickshire

Very true Indiagold.  But also, modern witchcraft or wicca really emerged around 1960, so before this, to the population at large, witchcraft was probably viewed somewhat differently.



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