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Casting Spells

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Red Don
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When trying to perform a ritual or cast a spell, how important are the correct words and ritual equipment?

Lee Waterhouse
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In my opinion, its all down

In my opinion, its all down to how much you believe that the spell being cast or ritual performed is going to work rarther than burning candles, chanting and waving wands around, this view is one shared by quite a few "solo" practitioners. Marian Green is a good source of craft "solo" info.

However, the use of ritual items/clothing/words for some people will help them focus and reinforce their belief that what they are doing is going to work, especially if you are in a group as it will help all the members focus their intent on the ritual/spell.

In a lot of religious traditions the use of magical implements and correct wording of the incantations are very important as they are used to keep the practitioner safe from nasty outside sources such as deamons and the like.

At the end of the day it's whatever works for you on a personal level.

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Re: Casting Spells

I pretty much agree with Lee.

I would say there's a "knack" to getting spells to work, you find what works best for you.

On a related issue, if you deal with spirits of various types and from several pantheons, you'll gradually find those of some types will seem to like and be more willing to co-operate with your magic than others. It's a bit like mixing with people sometimes, some willl like you and others you won't really get on with. Divination is often a good idea to help establish if something's likely to work for you or not.

One of the best books ever put into the public domain for new practitioners is "Magic, an occult Primer" by David [or Deanna] Conway, depending which reprint you come across. I think a later reprint was retitled "A complete magic primer"

I'm not sure if it's currently in print, but a search of secondhand book agencies should turn one up for you.

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Re: Casting Spells

If a spell doesn't work, people will sometimes use the excuse that they didn't have every detail just right. Incidentally, I have that Conway book - interesting read!

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Re: Casting Spells

It's not quite the same thing but does anyone have any ideas on how to cleanse a house? I know someone who needs help.

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Re: Casting Spells

Depends on what is happening, do you mean a full exorcism of serious spirit activity or just a general cleanse?

There's a book for the lesser stuff called Spiritual Cleansing by Draja Mickaharic.

Contains such remedies as these:

Put a large glass or jug of water on the floor by the bed at night, collects negative energies from the person and room. Rinse it out 3 times in the morning afler flushing it away.

Burn garlic skins as incense throughout the house.

Wash the houseinternally  with a solution of ammonia.

If you need to lay a ghost you might need a local witch or willing clergyman, some are good some are useless, just depends!  A good witch or honest occultist is possibly the best idea unless you are a strict Christian etc, as they tend to be more experienced and know more of the mechanics of what's going on psychically, plus their exorcisms are often considerably more gentle. Question is finding a good one locally, or someone willing to travel. I can't travel far, too many commitments at home.

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Ian Topham
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Re: Casting Spells

Hi Carol, welcome to the forum.  What seems to be the trouble at your friends house?

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Re: Casting Spells

Yes, can you tell us more?

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Re: Casting Spells

I did post a comment but it hasn't appeared.
It's a michevious thing, takes things and puts them back in the same place later, bangs and other noises. It's not scary but can be annoying. They've got a smudge stick they can use if they get too fed up, but don't know what to say. Will "go away" three times in each room work?

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Re: Casting Spells

Well... not in my experiance... though they may get a few weeks of quiet.  A cleansing probably would not work, as a ghost, (as opposed to 'other' entities) tends to be part of the place.  It's sort of like trying to excorsize your house of bathtubs. 

In all honesty, if it's not a threat to thier well being, I'd reccomend just working around it.   Right now it sounds like it's just having fun with them.  Eventually it will get bored and do something else.  I highly reccomend that you only break out the big guns when there's good reason, IE there is a threat to the residents.  

Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima

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Re: Casting Spells

Why thank you Sir...I see that you are paying close attention...



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