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Pagan Holidays rather than Christian Bank Holidays

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Alison Topham
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I've just been reading an article about Hertfordshire Police allowing pagan police officers to re-allocate traditional christian bank holidays in favour of their beliefs, this allows them to celebrate festivals such as Beltain, Solstice etc without having to use their normal holiday allocation.

It's interesting that the policy on police leave varies between forces so some allow this and some don't.

I was wondering if you were given the option of changing Bank Holidays to be in keeping with your beliefs what would you take off and would you keep any of the traditional days.?

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Re: Pagan Holidays rather than Christian Bank Holidays

I wonder how this works with enhancements for working Bank Holidays.  Would you get enhancements for working Solstice instead?  Could you change your religion to suit upcoming days you might want off?  I must say I applaud Hertfordshire Police for taking the initiative and I wonder if other parts of Hertfordshire Council have similar policies.

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