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Witches - link to appearance

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Re: Witches - link to appearance

 I don't even now whether these old superstitions are purely based on the symbology of the colours of green and red, or whether it was simply a means of attacking the 'unusual'.


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Re: Witches - link to appearance

 Re Rwth of Cornovill's comment

"The friend who was helpless in the power of the three girlfriends was just making excuses.  He found the combination of red hair and green eyes very attractive, but when they turned out to be real people maybe he couldn't really cope with that, so he let them dump him/ dumped them."

That statement doesn't apply to my friend. Yes I agree that the combination of red hair and green eyes must have been attractive to him but  the "real people" statement doesn't apply.  He is still friends with all three women and he still feels a strong draw for their company.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to my posting.  It was a long shot of a question however your answers have been interesting to read. I did not mean to suggest that all witches were the same - far from it. I hope I haven't offended anyone.

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