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Gremlins & Their Kin

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I have stumbled across this funny piece on the recent and much-publicized aircraft accident over the Philippines: .
As you know my father is a retired civilian pilot so I am pretty familiar with the whole "gremlin" thing: of course he never met these malicious creatures in person but it's sort of "common knowledge" in the field. Everybody seems to know somebody else who had strange experiences (usually equipment malfunction) in flight and blamed them on the gremlins but you usually fail to find somebody who has been a first-hand witness.
I did a little research in the past amd discovered a considerable similitude with some similar creatures which have long been said to inhabit ships. The main difference seems to be that while the shipborne variety is hideous to look at it's benevolent, the airborne variety is as hideous to look as completely malignant and bent on causing mischief or even disaster.
What do you reckon? You'd expect aircraft pilot, highly trained and usually well-educated, to be above such old sailors' tales.


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Gremlins & Their Kin

Thats a good link Mauro. The only thing I know about them is what I have seen on the Twilight Zone Wink .

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Or that BT ad with the guy

Or that BT ad with the guy from Dragons Den...



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