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The Ouija Board and the Subconscious

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Re: The Ouija Board and the Subconscious

So what are Ouija boards then? Are they a portal in to the subconcious or a portal to the otherside?

Either way they are dangerous I think and I would never play with them.. !!

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Re: The Ouija Board and the Subconscious

I have read all the above comments and would recommend that anyone read some of Colin Wilsons books - they deal with many aspects of the Subconscious and amongst them, Ouija Boards and their consequences and their association with Poltergeists.

Also Guy Playfair is another author who has a good working knowledge of this subject, particularly about his time spent in South America.

Wilson has written many books about Psychic subjects and I  recommend them all, as, in them he discusses and recommends other reading of books written by many well-known ( and some, not so)  researchers into these subjects and gives his own very erudite comments.

My personal opinion about Ouija Boards is that they should be left well alone, having spoken to several people who have had nasty experiences connected with them.   I believe that the Ouija Board is a way of  voluntarily allowing your mind to be accessed by either elementals  or bad spirits out to do mischief.

This opinion has been arrived at by a life time's reading of psychic phenomena and I have no doubts at all that the dangers are very real.

I have been highly psychic all my life and KNOW that this world is not all there is, in fact, that there is so much that we do not understand but that that does not make it unreal - we just do not know, how to access in a correct way the knowledge that IS there.

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Re: The Ouija Board and the Subconscious

Wow, a wonderful question. As to me dream and human ideas are the most magic thing in the world. Sprit is powerful, you can't amage how great it is!



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