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Carlisle CCTV Ghost?

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Re: Carlisle CCTV Ghost?

Can we drop all references to Fahrenheit please - it's confusing and not in common use in the UK any more?

Though it has been the coldest winter in 30 years in the UK that doesn't mean it was freezing every day! It is highly unlikely that the temperature would have been below -10C as that is very rare in the UK, even in a cold winter, particularly in a city with its heat island effect.

I can't find the temperature records for that day (23/2/10????) but it doesn't look particularly cold. There is no obvious snow or ice. In addition, the camera itself, like all electronics, is probably generating some heat.

I would say that an insect or spider fits the available evidence easily. It resembles similar cases like the 'blue ghost at the gas station'.

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Re: Carlisle CCTV Ghost?

I do live in Carlisle and not too far from the shop in question.  I do not remember the temperature that evening, however, during the cold freeze, heat island effect or not, it was hitting -13C and sometimes -14C when I was getting ready to go to work in the morning and I hit a few very cold fog banksof similar temperatures coming home in the evening.  Those were an extreme couple of days though.  Temps would often be between -3C and -8C though.

I cannot remember how mild February might have been.  The snow was gone by then anyway so temps must have been higher:)

Its grim up north Mysteryshopper :)

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Re: Carlisle CCTV Ghost?

Sory, MS, we don't use that newfangled Metric system here.  Ironically, the Imperial system is still common in some former colonies... LOL

(note: intended as an amusing broad generalisation.  Though I'm waiting for some genius to tell everyone we have to move to kelvin)

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