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New development with Wem photo

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Re: New development with Wem photo
Mauro wrote:

Fade works fine with my PC (Windows XP, Mozilla Firefox).
Looks quite convincing .

Also works with Chrome. In the postcard there is a boundary between two different bits of wall. There is a line in the other photo in precisely the same position!

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Re: New development with Wem photo

Here's something to ponder: this image was taken in 1995. 

While it's easy enough to make it look realisitic now, could it have been done then?

Note: the image really is on the negative.  This was taken with a film camera rather then a digital unit.

So: is it a double exposure type spirit image?  If so, the girl is scaled up with remarkable skill.

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Re: New development with Wem photo

Seems pretty convincing to me.

In the interests of balance, it's also worth pointing out that this puts paid to the theory that it was a case of paradoloa caused by falling timber or similar.

In terms of explanations from a hoax point of view, a straightforward, if admittedly very skillful by the sounds of it, use of an existing always seemed the most likely to me.



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