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Apply within!

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 First of all, hello!

Let me tell you a little about myself, I have been doing Urban Exploring for a few years now and have recently taken a liking to the paranormal  scence.

From Urban Exploring I have knowledge of a lot of great building, which we have had spooky expieriences in.

I just wondered if there was anyone in the Yorkshire and humber area that would like to start a group, or gathering so we can explore these places paranormaly (The urban exlporer guys aren't really into this) I don't have profesional equiptment, just my camera, nor do I think we need it, I don't want to make a whole profesional  thing about it, just a small group of people, exploring deralict buildings for the paranormal, asI said,I have a few places that can be explored. 

For more details, please leave me a personal message and I willget back to you.



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