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State of Panic Paranormal Investigators

State of Panic Paranormal Investigators are a independent professional team of 6 based in both Devon and Cornwall. We thoroughly investigate all types of paranormal activity or unexplained happenings at any location throughout Southwest of England, free of charge.

We investigate all manner of property types from stately homes to private homes and approach every investigation with an open mind and try to expose and demistify what some believe to be paranormal activity wherever possible. As dedicated paranormal investigators and with no external funding, there is no pressure whatsoever for us to produce results and therefore, no need for any of the data collected to be fabricated.

State of Panic strive to conduct our paranormal investigations under controlled conditions wherever possible and endeavour to capture any events or anomalies that occur for media evidence.

Before we investigate any location, are team researches and studies that location and surrounding areas and where possible we will interview and record any eye witness accounts to better understand any unexplained events more thoroughly.

We report to our clients with all our investigation findings whether unexplainable or scientifically explained.

State of Panic Paranormal Investigators are "committed to providing assistance to any individual(s) who are experiencing problems caused by paranormal or supernatural activity." We will assist and offer recommendations to the people who are being affected by any weird goings-on.

State Of Panic guarantees its clients complete anonymity, although should it ever be necessary for our work to become public this would not occur without the client's prior consent, State Of Panic Paranormal Investigations adhere to the Data Protection Act of 1998 to ensure all client(s) information is kept confidential at all times.




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