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The London Cryptozoology Club

The London Cryptozoology Group exists as an opportunity for Londoners and those who visit London to meet up once a month and share their interest in Cryptozoology. By the term ‘cryptozoology’ we also include animals that were proven to exist in the past but whose existence is now in doubt or ‘presumed’ extinct.

We plan to hold film nights, inviting guest speakers, organising trips to places of cryptozoological interest in the UK and group attendance to particular events.

We are a fledging group and hope to have our first informal meeting/ social night before Christmas 2011. We don’t have any grand aims or plans: we’re currently just happy to see where the flow takes us, so all thoughts and ideas are very welcome!

If you’re interested check out our Facebook page: London Cryptozoology Club: or email us.



+44 (0)7805 356 461



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