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IRO (Independent Research Organisation into Paranormal Phenomena)

IRO was set up to provide independent research and investigation into the paranormal question. The definition of what is classed as paranormal has become polluted of the years.

The human race has always been enthralled with, stories of Ghost, Hauntings, Legends, myths and so on, is there something else, we don’t know, but we will try our best to answer the million dollar question:-

The Internet has become such a useful source of information, but on the down side it has become the stomping ground of individuals who wish to falsify evidence.

Stories about the paranormal have been circulated for 1000’s of years, it is only been since the invention of the camera, have we been able to investigate such claims. There is an old saying

“The camera Never Lies”

this is true, the equipment does not lie, it is the user that has the capability to distort the truth.

We at IRO are not here to lay claim that we have all the answers, but we along with other organisations are trying to strip back these stories and find the truth. We can say with 100% certainty that we will never uncover and answer to all the questions, but we can assure you that all our evidence or findings are true, accurate and free from manipulation.


Prestatyn, North Wales



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